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Swimming in jewel-colored orbs

overdone description, awkward metaphors and excessive adjectives

Purple Prose
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Welcome to the place where nobody has green, blue or brown eyes -- not when you can have emerald orbs, a sapphire gaze or chocolate pools.

Have you come across hideously purple prose in your fanfic reading? Post it here!

This is open to all fandoms. So just make sure that any excerpts you post can be understood by people outside the fandom. That shouldn't be too hard, since the focus is on passages of description or awkward prose (as opposed to characters or plot).

Badly written sex scenes are also welcome here. Just put it behind an LJ cut and warn people that it's a smut scene.

It doesn't matter whether it's from a parody of badfic or from a serious attempt, as long as the prose is elaborate and there's a surfeit of adjectives.

Possible form for posts:

If it's a longer example from one story:
Story Title: (self-explanatory, include link if you want)
Author name:
The Setup: (any explanation of the fandom or the scene that people might need in order to understand the sample)
Sample Passage: (put behind an LJ cut if it's long and/or contains explicit sex)

If it's a collection of short samples from more than one fic:
Fandom: (link to story) sample.
(link to story) sample.

Other types of posts:
You can also feel free to post your own purple prose (serious or parody). Discussions of trends and cliches are welcome, too.

The Rules:

1. At the moment there are no limits on type of material you can post here. That could change if needed.

2. Do not link to an author's livejournal. (The obvious exception is if you have permission.)

3. Do not post the whole story.

4. Criticize the writing, not the author.

5. If you are posting a long summary, use an LJ cut.

6. If you are posting a sexually explicit scene, use an LJ cut and let people know it's a smut scene.

Journals of interest:

(This is just a starter list. Let me know of any journals/communities that deserve to be added.)

badficparodies is the community maintainer.