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synomym suggestions for parody? - Swimming in jewel-colored orbs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Purple Prose

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synomym suggestions for parody? [May. 19th, 2008|10:49 pm]
Purple Prose


Hi, everyone! I'm currently writing a Mary-Sue parody, and am trying to avoid using the same word twice to describe 'Legolinda's' hair. Basically, she's blonde but as we all know that would be much too easy. So can anyone suggest crazy words or even phrases?

So far I've got: Xanthos, amber, cornsilk, like the fall colours of leaves, burnished, marmalade, goldenrod, harvest yellow, topaz, bisque, honey, golden, brighter than the noonday sun, brightest chalcedony, like a river of golden fire, flaxen, aureate, auric, auricomous, amaretto, a river of spun gold, champagne, the sun was in her hair

Any help would be much appreciated!

A sample of the story. Please tell me if you think it needs to be purpler:

Legolas thought that despite her scratched hands and face she looked like an angel come to earth, with her long pastel jade dress, slightly pinched in at the waist with a crimson girdle and accented with delicate cerise bows all over it, bringing out the femininity of the brave woman that stood before him, barely gasping despite the speed with which she had been running. The dress flared a little over her hips, falling in delicate pleats to the hem which scooped round to her back just above her heels. The neckline was similarly decorated with a sort of scarf but it had come open a little, showing off the fact that she was wearing the same necklace as she had worn yesterday. The sleeves were slightly puffed, tied with orange ribbons that added a little bright colour to the dress. Her amaretto hair hovered at her back, straight as an arrow yet slightly wavy like rippling water. Indeed, it looked like a river of spun gold, flowing from the top of her head to the ground, sparking as the sunlight was trapped in its champagne strands. If the sun was in her hair, the stars were in her amber eyes, still more beautiful in the daylight then they had been at night. They shimmered as if with as if with bright diamond tears, purer and brighter than the very stars of Elbereth or the waters of the falls and fountains of Rivendell and Legolas was struck with the urge never to let those tears fall as she lowered her fiery orbs behind perfect, long, curly eyelashes.
He walked up to her and put his hand under her slightly pointed, yet round chin, his fingertips resting against the smooth, soft peaches-and-cream skin.

From: neverhead
2008-08-28 04:01 am (UTC)
How about this?

"Her golden locks, caressed by the radiant light of the zenith sun, shone brightly in a halo around her angelic face."

I intentionally used "zenith" as an adjective. What's purple prose without grammatical errors?
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