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Hello, I'm new here, and would like an opinion :) I thought this… - Swimming in jewel-colored orbs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Purple Prose

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[Jun. 27th, 2006|06:59 pm]
Purple Prose


Hello, I'm new here, and would like an opinion :) I thought this would be the best place to post as it's possible I could end up writing badfic myself.

I followed links to this place from Babb_chronicles, cos after reading all the badfic I got an urge to finish a HP fic I started about 2 and a half years ago when I had just started writing properly. On re-reading it most parts of the chapters already up are, quite frankly, painful to read.

So I'm re-writing it.

Now, the original plan was to write a fic with lots of horrible things happening in it - quite childish, actually - female character being abused by male characters for reader gratification etc. But hey, some people like that kinda thing.

The question is: do I change my original plan so I'm being very sophisticated and writing hints at what might have happened, and focus more on mental abuse (even though I already did that with a Batman Begins fanfic), or shall I write some good old fashioned violent smut?

I think if I went along the same route as the BB fic, it would still work cos some people would identify more with the HP characters and might not want to read the BB fic. But then again, there are always readers who like both fandoms and might see a resemblance.

Decisions...decisions... any thoughts?

If people prefer the 'sophistamacated writer' route, can they give me some inspiration as to what type of mind-games they'd like to see happening? I could use some inspiration :)